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The pivotal guiding scientific principle for Health Arising 2003 is that of Targeted Biologic Therapy™.  Each of the RxIBR developed pharmaceutical biologicals (animal origin) and/or botanicals (plant origin) either activate receptors in the human body or directly activate cellular mechanisms of the human body thus providing a physiological/biochemical action. There are a myriad of specific receptors in the mouth, nasopharynx, skin and other orifices of the body and these may be, therefore, activated with the appropriate stimuli. Some of these therapeutic remedies stimulate specific receptors, while others activate specific cells, but in each case these are transduced into biochemical signals in which the body generates a unique response. With Targeted Biologic Therapy™ the need to optimally stimulate specific receptors requires much less concentrated pharmaceutical quantities, therefore, the amount of medication that is needed to be delivered to the receptor area is much smaller than with the use of traditional drugs. Thus, the delivery of microgram or nanagram amounts of a biological/botanical product reduces the risk of adverse and toxic side effects (reactions) of the pharmaceutical agent. Moreover, all of these therapeutic products have been subjected to rigorous Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in addition to strict Quality Control (QC) in which pyrogenicity, sterility, detailed chemical analysis and shelf life are determined: unlike any other products in this class.

Anti-Aging Formula Two    When taken regularly, these therapies protect the body against cellar stress, increase energy levels, concentration, memory, wound healing, stamina, immune function, restore muscle mass and strength, improve sleep and decreases fat tissue, by stimulation the normal production of growth hormone (HGH) to more normal levels. Decrease in HGH is related to aging in older individuals like can help cialis generico online.

Anti-Obesity Therapy: O-beX has been scientifically formulated to stimulate the normal production and release of ZAG proteins from lymphocytes. These proteins are believed to act directly on fat cells to cause shrinkage and significant weight loss (mean 8.3 pounds in 10 days) and girth loss (mean 3 inches in waist).

Anti-Nerve-Degenerative Therapies: These products (ADD-eX and N-reX) each simulate the normal cellular regeneration of cells of the nervous system and have been proven to be effective in Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Down's Syndromes, Attention Deficit Disorders, Peripheral Neuropathies, Depression, weakness, paralysis and speech problems. MD-eXis produced for Manic-Depressive and Dependency states.

Anti-Viral Therapy: V-reX This product has been formulated to stimulated the normal individuals lymphocyte anti-viral activity and is effective for the common cold, recurrent herpes, allergic conditions and chronic recurring eczema and generalized asthenia.

Cefal-eX™ - This drug product is indicated for the symptomatic relief of migraine headaches, headaches with vertigo, headaches that are worsened by noise, light and movement, blinding  headaches, occipital and weary headaches, numb headaches with poor powers of concentration, dizziness with frontal headache, pain and fullness in the head, headaches with exhaustion and collapse and headaches in the forehead, occipital areas and temples.  NDC 063493-0321 and patent #5,773,241.

CuNeXuS™ - This product has been formulated for the rapid induction of wound healing and a reduction in the formation of wound scarring.
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